Writing a Convincing Paper by Russell Taylor

I’ll start by talking about one of the most-overlooked sections: Prior Work/Related Work. This is where you describe other work in the field and how your approach is an improvement over it. It is very important to BE POSITIVE in this section. Many times, people are tempted to say things like “Method XYZ fails to handle the case of moving particles” when it would be so much better to have said “Method XYZ was intended for stationary particles and our method extends it to work robustly with moving particles.” Besides being the right thing to do, this has two tangible benefit: (1) It puts the reviewer in a positive state of mind, so they may be more likely to be kind with the faults of your method, and (2) remember that the people who will review your paper are often the authors of these very techniques you are writing about…

Writing a Great Application by Sheila Kannappan

Steve asked how to write a good resume/CV, but with grad school application season upon us, I thought we could have a broader discussion of how to write a good application for a job or school in general. Everyone, share your wisdom! What works?

First post! by Zane Beckwith

Hey everybody, this is Zane (Beckwith, the grad assistant for the most-recent program, in 2013). Hope this site is useful for ya’ll!